Hi, I'm Cycle Mate A Mobile Application

This software assists in overcoming obstacles that prevent bicycle riding from being a practical or appealing choice. There might be roadwork, congested roads, crowds, terrible weather, or a shortage of study materials, for example. Open data may be used to identify crowds in real time, the shortest distance travel, roadworks, laws, and many other things.
For example, while there is constrution going on. Cyclists can be better informed of construction zones, appropriate bike lanes, and anything else that may get alerts opting for real-time alert choices. So, by using this app, individuals may receive notifications about numerous potential threats.
Our primary goal is to encourage people to ride bicycles for zero carbon emissions and a safe trip.

My App FeaturesFeatures

Study resources are provided to users to get used to bicycle rules, signs and safety.

Quiz helps users to recall lessons learned.

Users can add alerts while on their journey.

Users can share their feedback with data collect during journey and add their comments which can help to identify more alerts.